Choose from a growing range of instruments enabling extraction of small, frozen aliquots from samples. Maintain frozen cores (aliquots) and parent samples below -80°C throughout the process. Frozen aliquots can be tested, distributed to other sites, or stored frozen for future testing.

CXT 353
Frozen Sample Aliquotter

Semi-automated benchtop platform for the frozen aliquotting of tissue, feces, and bio-fluids.

  • LN2 cooling from -80°C to -150°C
  • Single-use probes
  • Manual loading of vials
  • Wide range of compatible vials
  • <60 seconds per frozen aliquot
CXT 353 Benchtop Frozen Aliquotters

CXT 750
Automated Frozen Sample Aliquotter

Free-standing, automated platform for the frozen aliquotting of blood, feces, urine, and other bio-fluids. Each frozen aliquot is automatically extracted and deposited into a predetermined destination vial for testing, distribution, or storage.

  • Mechanical cooling to -80°C
  • Automated probe washing
  • Automated vial management
  • Targeted volume for quantitative analysis
  • Up to 70 samples per run
CXT 750 Automated Frozen Sample Aliquotters