Preserve Sample Quality and Streamline Sample Processing

CXT 350 and CXT 353 are semi-automated benchtop instruments for the frozen aliquotting of a wide range of sample types, including tissue, feces, serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, and other biofluids. The instruments extract multiple frozen cores or aliquots from a frozen sample. Parent sample and each frozen aliquot are maintained from -80°C to -150°C throughout the frozen aliquotting process via LN2 chilling, eliminating damaging freeze-thaw cycling.

CXT 353 Benchtop Frozen Aliquotter

CXT 350 / 353 Applications

Flexible, customizable platform accommodates a wide range of sample types, tube sizes and sample volumes.

The CXT 350 / 353 features a compact benchtop design, user-friendly touch screen operation, and compatibility with a wide range of vial types. Single-use probes prevent sample-to-sample carryover and contamination. The laser-targeting feature enables coring of specific tissue sections, streamlining tissue processing workflows. Frozen aliquotting of fecal samples reduces sample handling and enables processing for a wide range of analyses. Frozen sample aliquotting also enables the distribution of smaller sample volumes (frozen aliquots), extending the use of critical samples, such as rare disease, late-stage disease, and pediatric samples.

CXT 350/353 Coring Probes

CryoXtract offers a variety of coring probes, instrument parts, accessories,and an extended warranty service agreement.

Coring Probe:
3.0mm diameter/42mm long

Used for most biofluid, stool, and tissue aliquotting applications.

Box of 250: Part # CXT2-5015-30-42

Coring Probe:
3.0mm diameter/57mm long

Recommended for aliquotting from deep tubes and applications requiring long cores.

Box of 250: Part # CXT2-5015-30-57

Coring Probe:
1.5mm diameter/42mm long

Target acquisition of specific tissue sections and improves frozen aliquotting from small diameter vials.

Box of 250: Part # CXT2-5015-15-42

CXT 350/353 Accessories

CryoXtract offers a variety of replacement coring probes, instrument parts, accessories,and an extended warranty service agreement.

Tissue Cassettes

Mount small tissue sections (up to ~14mm x 17mm) for frozen aliquotting. Compatible with H & E slides production. Enable a pathology review prior to aliquotting.

Box of 250: Part # CXT2-6015-O

Tissue Adapter

An add-on accessory designed to hold the CXT 350/353 cassettes for tissue mounting and frozen coring/ aliquotting.

One Adapter: Part # CXT2-003CML

Tube Adapter

Tube adapter sizes including 1.5mL micro-centrifuge, 2mL cryovials, 15mL conical tubes, 50mL conical tubes and wide mouth specimen collection vials. Customized tube adapters are also available.

Replacement Parts

Please submit a quote request to obtain a part number, price estimate and lead time. Some parts will require installation by an approved CryoXtract technician.

Extended Warranty

CXT 350/353 service agreements include one annual maintenance visit. Please submit a quote request for pricing.