Process blood, feces, urine and other frozen biofluids.

CXT 750 processes biofluid specimens at -80°C, extracting multiple frozen aliquots (cores) from a single frozen parent sample and eliminating exposure to damaging freeze-thaw cycling. Once loaded, it provides hands-free management of samples, including cryotube capping/de-capping, frozen coring, frozen aliquot dispensing and probe cleaning between samples.

Now, researchers can both preserve and access precious samples.

Frozen aliquotting of biofluids improves analytical reproducibility, enhances the quality of retrospective studies and enables the analysis and re-analysis of labile compounds. Sample managers can perform QC/QA studies without thawing samples. Frozen aliquotting also enables the distribution of smaller sample volumes (frozen aliquots), extending the use of critical samples, such as rare disease, late-stage disease and pediatric samples.

CXT 750 Automated Frozen Aliquotter

CXT 750 Applications

CXT 750 Probes & Accessories

CryoXtract offers coring probes, instrument parts and accessories and an extended warranty for service.

Coring Probes & Parts

CXT 750 3.0mm re-usable coring probes have a typical life of ~150 to 250 cores. Actual probe life will vary depending upon sample type and core lengths.

Box of 5: Part # CXT1-5015-30

Replacement Parts

Some parts will require installation by an approved CryoXtract technician.Please submit a quote request to obtain a part number, price estimate and lead time.

Extended Warranty

CXT 750 service agreements include two annual maintenance visits.