Frozen aliquotting can be applied to a wide range of applications to solve problems related to degradation upon freeze-thaw and improve sample stability. The ability to extract frozen aliquots without compromising the parent sample enables researchers to avoid freeze-thaw cycling and preserve biospecimen integrity for a wide range of applications.

Bioanalysis, Drug Development Frozen Aliquotter Application

Bioanalysis/Drug Development

  • Analyze unstable drug compounds
  • Improve ISR results
  • Increase accuracy of dose-finding studies
  • Study drug distribution in tissue
  • Perform pre-analytical sample QC
Biobanking Frozen Aliquotter Application


  • Access and preserve precious samples
  • Distribute small sample volumes
  • Increase utilization of stored samples
  • Enable pre-analytical sample QC
  • Preserve sample integrity
Microbiome Frozen Aliquotter Application


  • Preserve microbial profiles
  • Prep for multiple types of analyses
  • Increase sample utilization
  • Reduce handling of fecal samples
  • Increase consistency between sample aliquots
Molecular Pathology Frozen Aliquotter Application

Molecular Pathology

  • Extract precise tissue sections
  • Access and preserve rare tissue
  • Increase consistency between tissue sections
  • Analyze labile molecules
  • Avoid manual slicing & improve safety