Bioanalysis Application

Preserve important clinical trial samples.

As researchers begin to rely more heavily on nucleic acid, metabolite, and biomarker profiles to make diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic decisions, biospecimen integrity is becoming more critical. With frozen aliquotting, a wide range of analyses can be performed without exposing samples to harmful freeze-thaw cycles. Testing of frozen aliquots increases sample reproducibility (for improved ISR results) and preserves parent samples for additional testing.

Analyze unstable drug molecules.

5% to 10% of drug molecules are inherently unstable. Frozen aliquotting of tissue and biofluids stabilizes small molecules and peptides for ADME/Tox and DMPK analysis. Deposit frozen aliquots directly into organic solvent for LC/MS-MS analysis. Frozen aliquotting is compatible with a wide range of sample types including tissue, stool, whole blood, serum, plasma, urine and other biofluids.

Enable retrospective studies.

Frozen aliquotting enables researchers to both preserve and utilize precious clinical trial and rare disease samples. Capturing a sample aliquot without thawing preserves the integrity of the parent sample and provides sample aliquots for testing in retrospective studies.

Product Solutions for Bioanalysis

Learn how CryoXtract’s frozen sample aliquotters help preserve the integrity and accuracy of data from bioanalysis in drug discovery and development.

CXT 750 Lab Automation Series

Precise and automated access, processing and management of frozen biofluid specimens, improves lab workflow, efficiency and reproducibility of data.

Applications CXT 750 v2

CXT 350 / 353 Benchtop Series

Safe, targeted access of frozen tissue and biofluid samples, flexibility of tube and sample type, improves lab workflow, efficiency and reproducibility of data.

Applications CXT 350 353