Molecular Pathology Application

Higher data quality yields better results.

More researchers are processing both fresh frozen and FFPE tissue. Frozen tissue avoids chemical cross-linking and enables analyses that are not compatible with FFPE. With frozen aliquotting, researchers can easily store and test frozen tissue without repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Precise measurement of tissue biomarkers.

Biomarkers may be relevant only in certain cell types of the same tissue. Frozen aliquotting enables researchers to easily investigate specific tumor or tissue regions and is easily integrated into the traditional pathology work flow. After staining and examination of a tissue sample, specific tissue sections can be targeted for frozen aliquotting and testing. Recent applications include placental tissue/epigenomics (DNA, RNA), melanoma/tumor enrichment and uterine tissue/genomics (RNA).

Improve lab safety and efficiency.

In most pathology labs, tissues are manually sectioned with a scalpel. Automated coring, or aliquotting, allows researchers to avoid manual slicing of frozen tissue and improve the safety, efficiency, and reproducibility of tissue processing.

Product Solutions for Molecular Pathology

Learn how CryoXtract’s instruments enable researchers to investigate specific tumor or tissue regions and help yield more meaningful, reliable data.

CXT 350 / 353 Benchtop Series

Safe, targeted access of frozen tissue and biofluid samples, flexibility of tube and sample type, improves lab workflow, efficiency and reproducibility of data.

Applications CXT 350 353